Southern Region Information on Universal Education (UBE) 2019



Papua New Guinea’s main priority is to ensure that every child in the country has access to a school and successfully completes a full nine years of quality basic education. This enables them to read and write and obtain basic knowledge that are essential to participate in sharing of ideas, decision making and financial activities in contemporary PNG society to improve their livelihood.

This information provided on this webpage shows three indicators under the key areas of access to education, keeping students in school until the end of mandatory education cycle and providing that quality education as required under the universal basic education (UBE). Since 2014, District Development Authority Act (DDAA) was enacted, it paved way for autonomy in decision making and creating programs that can be financially supported at the District level.

For each province and the respective district, selected indicators are illustrated on maps. For more information regarding 2019 key universal basic education indicators click on the links (provincial flags) provided below: 


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