The Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) is once again pleased to conduct an intensive eight-week training program for government officials as well as officials from the private sector.

The PNG NRI Economic Policy Analysis course (EPAC) has been conducted annually since 1989 and awards diploma certificates to the participants who have successfully met the requirements of the program.

It is an intensive full-time course designed for individuals interested in improving their understanding of key government economic policies and other public policies that impact sustainable economic growth and development of PNG.

This year, thirty-two students, 10 females and 22 males, are currently attending the program including some from other centres outside of Port Moresby. The training program has started on 12 September and will finish on 13 November with a graduation ceremony.

Course coordinator Dr Francis Odhuno who is a Senior Research Fellow and Program Leader for the Economic Policy Research Program at PNG NRI said: “At PNG NRI, we have the capacity to provide this course and so we want to share that knowledge with the upcoming generation.”

Dr Odhuno said, over the years, the course has helped a lot of public officials and employees from the private sector in their performances in their jobs.

He said, due to COVID-19, some government departments, agencies and private companies were having cash-flow problems and were not able to sponsor their staff. He said, some self-sponsored students were also having financial problems.

Dr Odhuno said, they were having two classes everyday (Monday to Friday) in order to practise social distancing.

Sixteen of the students are attending the morning session and the other half are attending the afternoon session, he said.

PNG NRI have a lodge at their campus at Waigani where students coming from the outside centres are accommodated.


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