Youth unemployment in Papua New Guinea: Causes, effects and way forward

In PNG, one of the most common issues that hinder economic development and contribute a lot to law and order issues is youth unemployment.

PNG’s unemployment rate increased from 2.70 percent in 2020 to 2.40 percent in 2019.  According to Trading Economics, the unemployment rate in PNG is expected to reach 3.50 percent by the end of 2021. From the total population, youth unemployment was reported 62.0 percent in 2020. Young people are more likely to be unemployed compared to adults. It is apparent that PNG faces a challenging future because of its youth unemployment issue.

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Call to look into the development of film industry in Papua New Guinea

The film industry is a lucrative industry that can generate revenue for Papua New Guinea (PNG) and create employment for Papua New Guineans.

There have been films produced by Papua New Guineans like Albert Toro, on local themes and based on local settings that feature some of the PNG’s local stars like William Takaku.

Some of the popular films produced in the past years include Tinpis Run, Tukana and Marabe.

But to have a film industry with a thriving and demanding market requires government intervention through an undertaking to develop it. The wait for this to happen has been in vain.

However, it was motivating to hear the Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science, Technology and Sports Hon. Wesley Raminai, MP, raise the curtain by encouraging the PNG National Research Institute (PNG NRI) to do research into the development of the film industry.

He made this call during his last visit to the Institute where he launched the PNG NRI’s 10-year Strategic Plan and three-year Corporate Plan, stating that “the government needs evidence-based information for its decision-making”, and with the mandate to conduct research and provide expert advice to the Government, it should look into this business.

“I challenge NRI to do research into developing the filming industry. You (PNG NRI) must carry out research into this area. Make enquiries into cinematography, collate views on filming projects conducted in PNG and make recommendations to the government,” he said.

“The Government needs evidence-based information for its decision making. As the Minister responsible for research in the country, I endeavour to provide the leadership and drive to strengthen the role of research and development in the country through the established institutions, including NRI.”

Mr Raminai pointed out the interest shown by the wider population through the influence and rise in the use of social media, especially the making and promotion of videos.

“One of this social and technological thrust is the emergence of YouTube videos uploaded on the social media. This is in fact, the interest shown in videos and filming that the global community is advancing to.”

He said his intention to pursue the filming industry stems from the fact that TVWAN viewers are so fascinated to watch the Filipino and Indian drama series.

“What would happen if our very own Papua New Guineans do short drama series films? Why don’t this be trialled?”

Interestingly, there are individuals and organisations producing films and promoting the production of films. One such body is the Centre for Social and Creative Media based at the University of Goroka that produced Pawa Meri (Powerful Women).

Mr Ramina’s call was timely and in line with the work the National Cultural Commission (NCC) has embarked on in formulating a film policy to grow the film industry in PNG through the National Film Institute (NFI) as reported by The National recently.

Having produced a lot of local films and talents in its yester years, the NFI is an important organisation to start with to progress towards establishing a film industry. This could start with promoting PNG’s rich cultures, its people, environment, way of life and awareness on issues facing the country.

Considering the technological and commercial aspects of the film industry as well as the resources needed for it to get off the ground, it will need a lot of collaboration to ensure this dream becomes a reality.

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PNG NRI Lodge: A get away from bustling parts of Port Moresby

If you are looking for a peaceful place to lodge in when you visit the nation’s capital, Port Moresby, the PNG National Research Institute (PNG NRI) have exactly the fitting place for you.

Located in the heart of the PNG NRI Waigani campus is the little-known PNG NRI Lodge. While promoting a reading and study environment, the lodge offers a place of rest and relaxation.

It is a place to unwind, regroup yourself, reflect, read, study, write or just to have a quiet time to yourself or with your family – whichever that suits you.

The lodge has eight self-contained rooms that are fitted with air-condition and ceiling fan, have multi-channel television and a balcony over-looking the front end of the campus.

Bookings can be made from 8am-4.06pm weekly at the PNG NRI main office reception. Weekend arrangements are allowed as long as prior notice is given.

A private secure car park is available for guests with 24-hour security. The nearest service station, fast food outlets and shop are just 20 metres away from the campus’ entrance.

Other shopping, market, service station, fast food, pharmacy amenities can be accessed at Rainbow which is not far from PNG NRI.

Additional services that are provided or can be arranged include: laundry and dry cleaning, ironing, business facilities and taxi service.

One of Port Moresby’s must-see attraction is the Port Moresby Nature Park which is just a short walk away from the campus. Visitors can go for a walk in the gardens, get close to the animals, reptiles and birds, and see the different cultural displays.

There is also a place to eat, children’s fun park and a gift shop within the park for visitors who wish to buy hand-crafted items, carvings, souvenirs and other mementos.

Anyone wanting to get away from their bustling surroundings or avoid the noisy parts of the city, will love the PNG NRI Lodge.

Make your bookings now by calling 326 0061 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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