Spotlight Vol16 Iss16 The need to adopt Climate Smart Agriculture practices to promote food security in Papua New Guinea Spotlight Vol16 Iss14 Changes and challenges in service delivery brought by the 1995 reforms in Papua New GuineaIssues Paper No.45 coverDPNo.206 Understanding the situations of basic education in Autonomous Region of Bougainville and East New Britain Province Papua New GuineaDPNo.205 Value chain analysis for the PNG Cocoa IndustryDPNo.204 Access to finance as a potential barrier to womens progress in the SME sector in Papua New GuineaSpotlight Vol16 Iss13 What will happen to inflation when PNG adopts the IMFs proposed exchange rate policySpotlight Vol 16 Issue 12 coverSpotlight VOL16 Iss11 cover DPNo.203 coverIssue Paper No. 44 cover Other Pub THE PAPUA NEW GUINEA 2022 NATIONAL GENERAL ELECTIONS OBSERVATION STUDY REPORTSpotlight Vol16 Iss10 coverSpotlight Vol16 Iss9 coverSpotlight Vol16 Iss08 The challenges faced by informal fresh produce vendors in Port Moresby by Evelyn MalalaJan23Issue Paper No.43 cover Spotlight Vol16 Iss07 coverResearch Report Dynamics of informal customary land transactions between landowners and migrants at Taurama Valley National Capital District coverSpotlight Vol16 Iss6 coverSpotlight Vol16 Iss5 coverSpotlight Barriers to the use of data to drive policy decisions in Papua New Guinea by Peter Michael MaguryJan23 cover Spotlight Vol 16 Issue 3 coverSpotlight Vol16 Iss2 Enhancing financial inclusion of informal economy through mobile money in Papua New GuineaSpotlight Vol16 Issue 1 Strategies for combating cybercrimes in Papua New GuineaSpotlight Vol15Iss17 CoverWorld Vision ChildFund Project PublishedDPNo.202 cover DPNo.201 cover DPNo.200 CoverDPNo.199 CoverSpotlightVol15 Iss16 cover Spotlight Vol. 15 Issue 15 cover  SpotlightVol15Iss14 coverSpotlight Vol. 15 Issue 13 coverSpotlight Vol 16 Issue 3 coverSpotlightv15iss10coverSPvol15iss12 coverDiscussion Paper 198 coverSpotlightcover    Spotlight Vol. 15 Issue 8 coverDP196 Comparative analysis of governance and economic growth in Fiji Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands and Vanuatu      Spotlight15iss6coverSpotlight15iss5cover  195cover      ADRP Reportcover      DPNo194 coverIssue Paper 41 Peace by peaceful means A brief look at the history of the Bougainville Peace AgreementDiscussion Paper 193 Safer communitiesKey 2017 profile 2022   Issue Paper 40CHECKProceedings ReportIssue Paper 39cover 38.jpg   

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