Research and development is missing in this country says Davis Steven.

The Member for Esa’ala and Minister for Justice and Attorney General attended the PNG NRI economic policy analysis course (EPAC) 29 graduation ceremony made a bold statement stating that as a nation we must allow deepest appreciation and appetite for the academics.

“There is too much talk that is lack in substance, too much decision making that is not justified and based on evidence,” said Mr Steven.

“Research and development is missing in this country.

And there is a very big disaster in the academic front of our country, yet we have produce masters graduate, yet we have produce PhD but, in the area of law all our PhDs are missing.”

Mr Steven said there must be a generation of Papua New Guineans who would deepen their appetite for subsistence in what we see.

“There must be a generation of bureaucratic leaders who will be able to stand up and say no to government because policy and commitment in terms of our planning priorities are too swift,” he said.

“We must come to point as a nation where we are guided by policy and not the wills and providence of politics.”

Mr Steven made the remarks as the keynote speaker at the PNG NRI EPAC program graduation ceremony held at its headquarters in Port Moresby.

This report was written by Patrick Tom and first published on Post Courier Online.

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