IMG 602613The Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Esther Lavu as the Deputy Director, Corporate Services (DDCS). Dr. Lavu has a PhD from Flinders University, Australia majoring in Population Studies.

Dr. Lavu has vast experience working with various government agencies, including PNG NRI, where she has worked as a researcher and Acting DDCS. She has worked at the National Statistical Office as the Deputy National Statistician as well as worked at the National Identity Project as the Project Manager. She hails from Central Province, PNG.

Mr. Wilson Thompson, the Acting Chairman of the PNG NRI Council affirmed the appointment, made in retrospect to the Council’s decision made on 14 December 2018. He congratulated Dr. Lavu on her new appointment.

Mr. Thompson said: “From the recruitment process, Dr. Lavu came out as the most appointable candidate. She has proven to both the PNG NRI Management and the PNG NRI Council that she is more than capable of leading the Corporate Services Division.”

“As a researcher crossing over to take on a senior management role in a non-research field, has been a challenge. However, in the past two years, Dr. Lavu demonstrated invaluable leadership skills that makes her more deserving of the role”.

He added that the confirmation of Dr. Lavu’s appointment should now boost her confidence to fully exercise the full responsibilities of the position.

Dr. Lavu joins the PNG NRI Senior Executive Management team as the Deputy Director responsible for five sections in the Corporate Services Division. This includes: Human Resources, Finance, Grounds and Facilities, Commercial Services, and Executive Support Services. She also heads the Information Management Section in the Knowledge Management Division.

As a researcher, Dr. Lavu has several years of experience working in PNG as a demographer specialising in population census and survey based data. From 1995 – 2004, Dr. Lavu worked for the National Statistical Office. She had risen to the ranks of Deputy National Statistician in 2004 when she resigned. From 2002 – 2003, she was the Deputy Census Director.

In 2005, she joined PNG NRI as a Research Fellow with the Social and Environmental Studies Division. She was the acting divisional head from 2006-2008. After pursuing four years doctoral studies, she was awarded a PhD in 2013 by the Flinders University, Australia.

Dr. Lavu’s work and interest is centred on undertaking population based datasets and their uses for supporting government policies and programs. She developed the Development Indicators Research Program, one of eight research programs at PNG NRI, and was the Program Leader leading up to her recent appointment.

The Institute was asked to support a major government program, the PNG National Identification (PNG NID) Program in 2016. Dr. Lavu was seconded as a consultant to the Department of National Planning and Monitoring where she played the role of Project Manager. She managed the project worth K20 million with the help of eight staff members.

The PNG NRI Council, Management and staff look forward to working with Dr. Lavu as the newly appointed Deputy Director, Corporate Services.
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