The Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) has named one of its buildings after its longest serving staff in recognition of her loyalty and dedication to the Institute.

The Support Service Building was named after Mrs Jennifer Parina during a farewell ceremony today.

Mrs Parina faithfully served the Institute for 40 years. She joined the Institute in 1980 when it was formerly known as the Institute for Applied Social and Economic Research (IASER).

Mrs Parina’s farewell coincided with the unveiling of the name of the building. The Acting Chairman of the PNG NRI Council Mr Wilson Thompson said the Council had the authority to name or rename buildings and physical assets to honour significant contributions and significant benefactions to the Institute.

“The Council has so far named three buildings in the honour of its long serving Chairman Sir Henry Chow, long serving Director Dr Thomas Webster and now after the long serving staff member Mrs Jennifer Parina,” said Mr Thompson.

“Mrs Parina has set the benchmark for the non-research staff. Therefore, it is fitting that the support building which houses the two support divisions of the Institute is named after her.”

PNG NRI Director Dr Osborne Sanida, in acknowledging Mrs Parina’s unwavering service to the Institute, said that Mrs Parina has shown what loyalty and dedication in the public service is.

“Her contribution is not just to PNG NRI but to the public service and the country as a whole.”

She started as a Personal Secretary to the Director in 1980, Dr. John Conroy, and worked her way up to become the Editorial Unit Leader, her current position.

Before joining IASER, Mrs Parina worked with the Prime Minister’s Department serving as Executive Secretary to the department secretaries Mr Philip Bouraga and late Sir Buri Kidu and deputy secretary Ms Jean Kekedo.

Other positons she held during her long history with the Institute included Publications Section Leader, Electronic Document Management Systems Project Manager and Systems Administrator, Associate Editor, Publications Officer and Executive Officer.

During her time of service, Mrs Parina also served as Staff Representative to the PNG NRI Council from 2014 to 2016. She has served under 10 Directors of the total 11 PNG NRI directors since 1975 and nine NRI Council Chairmen.

A luncheon was hosted at the PNG NRI Coffee shop to farewell Mrs Parina. The occasion was witnessed and attended by the NRI Council Members, her family and PNG NRI staff as well as the media.


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