The latest publication for the Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) has been released as PNG NRI Spotlight Volume 13, Issue 3. The Spotlight is authored by Mary Fairio, Research Fellow, Gender in Papua New Guinea Program.

The Spotlight article is to promote “safe water, sanitation, and hygienic (WaSH) conditions” emphasised and encouraged widely by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is perhaps the most important strategy to prevent COVID-19 infection. However, there are variations of water accessibility between different countries and within countries such as urban versus rural areas.

The WaSH sector must be a priority for the government during this time where everyone must access basic water, sanisation and hygiene services to protect themselves against the spread of COVID-19. Going forward, the PNG Government must prioritise WaSH sector by effectively implementing the WaSH policy. We may not improve this area overnight, but at least make a progress on improving some areas of WaSH in readiness for an outbreak, especially in rural and settlements areas.

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