The latest publication for the Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) has been released as PNG NRI Spotlight Volume 13, Issue 12. The Spotlight is authored by Ronald Sofe, Research Fellow, Economic Policy Research Program. 

Access to safe and reliable water supply is necessary for healthy and productive life. It remains a key development agenda for the National Government to effectively provide and expand access of this vital service throughout the country. In particular, it is becoming more important for the urban centres given the ever growing population from the on-going rural-urban drift and rapid pace of urbanisation. 

Significant reforms have been initiated in recent years to improve management and delivery of water supply. However, the urban water sector is faced with critical challenges relating to WaSH Policy implementation, customary land rights, aging infrastructure increasing demanding for water and water loss.

Understanding the challenges of urban water sector can assist us in charting a new way forward. In particular, strong political will, private sector participation and robust performance incentives of state-owned water utilities can prove instrumental in alleviating the challenges confronting the urban water supply. 

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