An important factor to improving recreation experience together with better-quality facilities for visitors to urban nature parks is to take into consideration their preferences.

These preferences can include desired areas to visit, recreation activities, entrance fee, income, distance to, and time spent at the park.

Understanding these can assist land use planners to strategically allocate resources among uses of land as well as assist nature-based recreation managers to develop effective management systems to influence visitor’s preferences.

This is the advice by PNG National Research Institute (PNG NRI) Deputy Director for Research, Associate Professor Eugene Ezebilo in his recent research report published today.

The case study is titled “Visitor’s preferences for improved recreation experience at an urban nature park: Evidence from Port Moresby Nature Park”, released as Discussion Paper No. 176.

It highlights the need to incorporate the supply and demand aspects of recreation into management decisions of a nature park.

“This study attempts to fill the knowledge gap by providing information about demand for recreation opportunities and experience,” Prof. Ezebilo stated.

The findings revealed that most visitors would pay for an improved recreation experience. As in this case, the reptile and Bird of Paradise sanctuaries stood out as top attractions.

The report also highlighted that nature park managers should address concerns raised by visitors, such as improving safety in and around the amenities, and meeting their recreation needs.

The report can be accessed on the PNG NRI website: and/or on its social media pages:


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