School examinations have been part of our our education system in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The examinations have helped assisted teachers and examiners in assessing students every year whether in lower and upper level of education. Examinations play vital roles in terms of equity in our education system and minimises biases in the selection processes. 

The author gives his opinion on how best PNG National Department of Education can use the strategic options to implement examinations during this COVID-19 period.

The spotlight titled: “Strategic options to implement school examinations during COVID-19” was written by Peter Michael Magury, Research Fellow, Development Indicators Research Program at PNG National Research Institute

With COVID-19 and lockdowns already affecting all shools in PNG, the Department of Education has to come with new alternatives for shools to continue the year so Grade 8s, 10s and 12s can be eligible to sit for their examinations.

There is still a glimmer of hope that the academic year will end on a high note with the new measures introduced by the Department of Education.


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