The rapid growth of population in towns and cities in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is putting more pressure on the housing sector and requires the urgent need for the development of a holistic housing policy framework.

This was highlighted in the PNG National Research Institute’s latest Spotlight article, A holistic policy framework is needed to address housing crisis in Papua New Guinea, released today.

According to the author, Dr. Lindsay Kutan, Senior Research Fellow and Program Leader of Sustainable Land Development Program (SLDP) at the PNG National Research Institute, this framework should ideally encapsulate, synchronise and coordinate the roles and functions of the public sector and the private sector.

He further stressed that for the housing sector to progress, “it is critical that the key stakeholders have a clearly defined roadmap”.

Though there were policy reforms and interventions targeted at promoting the development of affordable housing in the recent past, the outcomes continued to be riddled by challenges. The article highlighted a few of these challenges that emanated from past ‘ad hoc’ policy attempts.”

Furthermore, Dr. Kutan emphasised the importance for the policy framework to incorporate economic principles in order to foster and harness a sustainable housing market.

“It is also necessary for the policy to conceptualise the housing market into the supply and demand framework. This contributes to more understanding of the roles and functions of the various multiple stakeholders involved in the housing sector.”

Therefore, in order to move the housing sector forward, Dr. Kutan recommends that the first step is to complete the review of the National Housing Policy 1994 that commenced in 2017. This would motivate the private sector to invest more in the housing sector.


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