Papua New Guinea’s future developments rest on the achievement of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) for all.

Every citizen must have a basic education and as a result, having the ability to read, write and be knowledgeable about the world around them. In this day and age of modern technology, we must empower individuals to use technology. They can then be able to engage and take advantage of opportunities to help themselves, their families and their communities, and in doing so, contribute to overall national development.

In order to know where PNG is in terms of progress towards achieving UBE, PNG National Research Institute (PNG NRI) has identified the following key indicators that are simple and measurable at District and Provincial levels:

1. Access Rate – To inform us on how many of the school-age population (six years old) are entering the first year of school;
2. Retention Rate – To inform us on how many six years olds that enter first year continue schooling till the final grade of basic education; and,
3. Examination Pass Rate – To inform us of the quality of learning, indicating how much learning was achieved by those completing basic education.

These indicators can be used to inform decision makers on the status of UBE by districts and provinces and they are also useful to inform on what each district and province need to do, in order to improve on current status.

The report: Key 2015 indicators for Universal Basic Education in Papua New Guinea’s Districts and Provinces, introduces the UBE indicators. It is authored by Peter Michael Magury, Dr Esther Lavu and Dr Thomas Webster.

A more updated report will be released next month (June 2021), titled: Key 2019 Indicators for Universal Basic Education in Papua New Guinea’s Districts and Provinces.

The PNG NRI plans to release an update every two years with the next one planned for 2021.

This progress reports will inform PNG of progress made and how much more to go. Each district and province can be challenged to take steps for improving their status.


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