Welcome Remarks by PNG NRI Acting Director, Dr. Osborne Sanida on the Occasion of the Launch

of the “PNG NRI Strategic Plan 2021-2030” and “PNG NRI Corporate Plan 2021-2023”

Venue: PNG NRI Conference Centre, Waigani, NCD
Date: 11 June 2021


Hon. Wesley Raminai, Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science, Technology and Sports. A warm welcome to you Honourable Minister.

Mr Wilson Thompson, Acting NRI Council Chairman and members of the NRI Council. Invited guests and stakeholders (DHERST, Treasury, DNPM, DJAG, DLPP, DAL, DOE, DCD, IPPCC, NEFC, NHC, AHC, ABT Associates, and any others here today). The Media. NRI management and staff. Ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you all to the PNG National Research Institute.

Today marks an important day for PNG NRI because we are here to witness the launch by our Minister of two important documents that will chart the way forward for the Institute, in its endeavour to Inquire, Inform and Influence public policy for informed decision-making.

The Institute is mandated by the National Research Institute Act to conduct applied social and economic research and provide expert advice to Government and other stakeholders, in order to find solutions in addressing PNG’s social and economic problems. The Institute also carries out research and consultancies in specific areas, as requested by the national government, provincial governments, donor agencies, and the private sector, as well as civic society, in the various disciplines in which PNG NRI has expertise.

Our Chairman, Mr Thompson, will share with us the broader strategic areas for the Institute. My role is to welcome you all and give you a snapshot of the two documents to set the stage for today’s launch. The first document, the 10-year NRI Strategic Plan 2021-2030 focuses on five key areas:

  • NRI vision and mission;
  • Guiding principles under which the Institute operates;
  • Operational objectives of the Institute, which translates the vision, mission and guiding principles into workable areas;
  • Specific strategies that will be embarked on by the Institute during the plan period to advance the role of the Institute as an applied socio-economic public policy think tank; and
  • Ethical research obligations.

The Corporate Plan 2021-2023 is a 3-year Plan and it is organised under the following key areas:

  • Vision and Mission Statement, to set the direction for the Plan;
  • Governance and Management, to provide the legal basis or mandate of the Institute and the governance and management arrangements that will drive the implementation of the Plan;
  • Organisational structure, which provides a summary of the structure of the Institute in terms of the key functions and how they are linked;
  • Research Division Plan, comprising eight research programs. The Division is responsible for the key mandate of the Institute;
  • Hosted Programs’ Plan, comprising plans for the PNG APEC Study Centre (PNG ASC) and the Decentralisation and Citizenship Participation Research Program;
  • Corporate Services Division (CSD) Plan, comprising five sections, whose key roles are to provide the required corporate services to support the operations of the Institute; and
  • Knowledge Management Division (KMD) Plan, comprising two sections, whose main function is to provide support in the areas of editing, publishing, communications, and information management. The Division plays a vital role in how research information is formatted, stored, and disseminated for use by decisions makers and the general public.

I acknowledge the role of Hon. Minister Raminai and his Ministry and Department in driving the vision of the importance of Research for informed decision-making.
I acknowledge and thank the Council Chairman and members for the oversight and strategic direction it provides.

And I acknowledge and thank all our stakeholders (Government Institutions, Private sector, NGOs, development partners, and the media) for your support and contribution to the work of the Institute over the years and anticipated support to be part of the implementation of the documents to be launched by our Minister today.

Finally, I acknowledge my staff who will be at the forefront driving/implementing the activities to achieve the goals and objectives of the two plans.
I now invite the Acting Chairman of the NRI Council, Mr. Wilson Thompson, to deliver his remarks and officially invite our Minister for the Launch.


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