Opening Remarks by Acting Director of PNG NRI, Dr. Osborne Sanida, during Seminar Presentation by Professor Shamsul

Akanda, Dean of Postgraduate School at the PNG University of Technology (UNITECH), on Research Programs at UNITECH


Venue: PNG NRI Conference Centre, Waigani, NCD
Date: 16 July 2021

Professor Shamsul Akanda, Dean of Postgraduate School, PNG University of Technology (UNITECH), our Guest Speaker for today’s seminar; Representatives from the PNG Government Departments and Agencies; Representatives from the Private Sector; NRI management and Staff; media representatives; ladies and gentlemen.

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to PNG NRI today for the presentation by Professor Akanda on the research programs at UNITECH and how we, as members of the research community, can collaborate more on research as a means of generating information for decision making to develop Papua New Guinea.

“No man is an island” was a saying coined by English Poet, John Donne. This saying means that we achieve more if we work together than if we work in isolation. The NRI Council made the decision that if research is to have an effective and meaningful contribution to addressing issues in Papua New Guinea, then NRI must collaborate effectively with key stakeholders in the research community.

Today’s seminar is a result of that thinking. In consultation with the Vice Chancellor of UNITECH, Associate Professor Ora Renagi, who is also a member of the NRI Council, he nominated Professor Akanda to come here present to us the various research areas/programs at UNITECH and how we (stakeholders) can work together.

UNITECH is the country’s premier technological university with complete engineering and technology programs in PNG that also offers undergraduate and graduate programs in natural and applied sciences, built environment, language and business. Professor Akanda will be speaking about the university’s faculty research programs, the engineering programs and accreditation, and postgraduate research programs.

Taking back PNG requires concerted and collaborative effort. Therefore, the seminar will not only provide a venue to highlight UNITECH’s research. It will also connect stakeholders in academia, government, industry and professional associations to promote inter-disciplinary research across institutions in PNG.

The world is facing very challenging times, in light of COVID-19, and PNG is no exception. Our economy and social fabric is being tested. There are questions on how we can progress social and economic development and what is the role of technology. As a technology-based University, UNITECH plays an important role.

I hope that today’s presentation will be a start of strong collaboration on how research, social science, physical science and technology can be harnessed to provide solutions to the issues faced by PNG. Thank you all for making time available to attend this presentation and thank  you  Prof Akanda, through the UNITECH VC, for accepting NRI invitation for this seminar presentation.


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