The Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) and the PNG University of Technology (Unitech) have come together to collaborate more on research as a means of generating information for decision-making to develop Papua New Guinea.

The two institutions, after signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) two months ago, started the collaboration with a seminar presentation by Prof. Shamsul Akanda, Dean of Postgraduate School, Unitech, on 16 July 2021 at the PNG NRI Campus in Port Moresby.

PNG NRI Acting Director Dr Osbourne Sanida, in his opening remarks, said: “we achieve more if we work together than if we work in isolation”.

He said the PNG NRI Council had made a decision that, if research was to have an effective and meaningful contribution to addressing issues in PNG, then PNG NRI must collaborate effectively with key stakeholders in the research community.

Prof. Akanda, in his presentation on what Unitech is doing, said that everyone has a role to play towards meeting the national target.

He said the core function of universities was teaching; research and innovation; and the third component, particularly for Unitech, was community participation and collaboration “so that whatever we are producing through research goes back to the community and brings benefits that is intended for”.

He said Unitech’s vision was to grow the technocrats for the real world.

Prof. Akanda said Unitech was one of the components in achieving national goals and they need stakeholders to work together.

He acknowledged Dr Sanida and Prof. Ora Renagi – Unitech Vice Chancellor, for the initiative to work together.

The seminar was attended by stakeholders including Prof. Teatulohi Matainaho, Chairman, PNG Science Technology Council, as well as representatives from National Agriculture Research Institute, Institute of Engineers, PNG and the media.


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