A total of 18 officers from the public and private sector graduated with a certificate in Social Science Research Methods from the Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) on Friday 13 August 2021.

The participants learnt key aspects of research methods during a one-week intensive study.

They learnt research methods skills ranging from how to do proper research, research design, sampling techniques, data collection, data processing and analysis and, report writing.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, PNG NRI Council Acting Chairman Wilson Thompson said PNG NRI saw that the public and private sector needed these skills (research methods skill).

He said research was important.

“We need more detailed research and analysis and presentation that can influence policies. What we are doing at PNG NRI is to create opportunities for Papua New Guineans in research. This is a contribution of PNG NRI to the country,” he said.

Course coordinator Associate Prof. Eugene Ezebilo, who is also the PNG NRI’s Deputy Director for Research, congratulated the participants and told them to use what they have learnt in their work.

“As you go back, we look forward to you using the state-of-the-art methods in conducting research,” he said.

He also urged the participants to share what they have learnt with others and not to keep it to themselves.

On behalf of the participants, lawyers, Collin Yak and Salome Bamler, both from the Constitutional Law and Reform Commission thanked PNG NRI for offering the course.

“Let’s be realistic and confident in our research and data collection because whatever we collect can be used against us,” Mr Yak said.

He made a special request to PNG NRI to accept the participants when they come back for further information, clarification, research or publication.

PNG NRI Acting Director Dr Osborne Sanida told the participants that they are welcome to come back and collaborate with PNG NRI, in response to Mr Yak’s request.

“Together we can achieve more so you are always welcome to come back.”


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