PNG NRI Communications Manager Mrs Georgina Tapineng L with PNG NRI Home Ownership Chairperson Dr. Esther Lavu Center along with BSP staff Vinnie Salatiel Mr Nelson Tapineng during the presentation last week
Caption: Mrs Georgina Tapineng (left) and her husband Mr Nelson Tapineng  with PNG NRI Home Ownership Chairperson Dr Esther Lavu with BSP staff Vinnie Salatiel  during the presentation.


The Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) has developed a Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) to assist its staff in owning their own homes. The HOS was introduced last year (2016) to help NRI staff achieve their dreams of owning a house in Port Moresby.

PNG NRI Acting Director Dr Osborne Sanida said the scheme is designed to attract and retain staff who will contribute to the work of the Institute and to Papua New Guinea. Under the Scheme, the Institute every year assists four (4) PNG NRI staff members to participate in the home ownership scheme subject to bankability assessments and other relevant criteria.

PNG NRI Communications Manager, Georgina Tapineng, is the first staff member to benefit from the Home Ownership Scheme. Mrs Tapineng, 33, from Enga Province has been a staff of PNG NRI since 2013. Mrs Tapineng received her keys from the Glory Group of companies last week for her family’s 3 bedroom room home at the Sky view Estate.

“It is a milestone achievement for my family and I. We now have our own home, a place to rest, a permanent garden to grow my flowers and an investment for my family. We are grateful for the support PNG NRI has given and the government of Papua New Guinea through the Bank of Papua New Guinea’s First home ownership scheme. PNG NRI is truly an employer of choice.” Mrs Tapineng said.

“I encourage other young Papua New Guinean professionals to venture into owning your own homes, anything is possible; you just have to take a step of faith, work hard, commit your time and manage your resources well. Owning a home is truly a dream come true,” she said.

The Institute’s Home Ownership Scheme is managed by its Home Ownership Scheme Committee. Dr. Esther Lavu, the Chairperson of the Committee was on hand to witness the signing of the settlement.

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