Tuesday 26 October 2021

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Participation of female in Universal Basic Education in Papua New Guinea’s Districts and Provinces

Basic Education empowers all citizens to read, write and be knowledgeable about the environment and world around. It enables one to use these skills and knowledge to improve one’s life, the family and the community. One cannot use modern technologies such as the internet to continue to learn and develop, if one does not have basic education.

The report titled:  Key 2019 indicators for females’ participation in Universal Basic Education in Papua New Guinea’s districts and provinces by PNG NRI Research Fellow Peter Michael Magury, shows female participation in Universal Basic Education (UBE) throughout Papua New Guinea. The report provides an overview of female performance in each district and province. The main focus is on key indicators; Universal Basic Education in access, cohort retention and examination pass mark for the female participation.

This profile can be used by district and provincial officers to see whether the participation of females in UBE is improving, declining or getting worse. This can assist officers in each district and province to understand the unique needs and identify gaps on the female participation, and monitor the effectiveness of Government’s involvement at district and province levels.

The relevant figures and analysis to verify facts in the report can challenge districts and provinces to provide the support necessary to narrow the female participation gaps in UBE.
The report can be used as baseline information for planning by people who are involved in education such as administrators, planners, policy makers and researchers. They can use the information in the report to conduct detailed analysis towards improving female participation in basic education in PNG.

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