Government should do more to restrict the emergence of informal settlements

The Government should consider focusing on promoting preventive measures to avoid emergence of informal settlements and forceful evictions of informal settlement dwellers.

The National Research Institute Spotlight Volume 15, Issue 8 titled Initiatives to address the emergence of informal settlement in urban areas of Papua New Guinea by Research Fellow Logea Nao and Senior Research Fellow Dr. Lindsay Kutan stated that the rapid increase in informal settlements poses a threat to proper and orderly urban development in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The paper stated that forceful evictions may promote an environment of insecurity and uncertainty that undermines the basic human need for a decent and quality life.

Some of the concerns that should be addressed by the Government as suggested in the paper include the following:

  • Weak enforcement of laws, regulations and policies;
  • Acquisition of customary land for relocation of informal settlements; and,
  • Housing affordability problem.

The authors also suggested the following potential policy intervention initiatives to address informal settlements:

  • Upgrading of settlements through successful and sustainable upgrade program;
  • Relocating of squatters on existing State land;
  • Providing affordable housing for different segments of society and different income level;
  • Strengthening physical planning and building board regulations; and,
  • Discouraging new settlements by ensuring that no new settlements emerge as a result of the upgrade program.

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