Address insecurity to move Port Moresby forward

Addressing insecurity issues and making our communities safer for sustainable economic activities and improved welfare of residents have been a challenge for the government especially in the major cities of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The National Research Institute (NRI) Spotlight Vol 15, Issue 11: Strategy for addressing insecurity issues in Port Moresby by Dr Philip Kavan, Senior Research Fellow at PNG NRI highlights ways to promote safer communities in the city.

Some approaches that can be used to promote a safer Port Moresby include the following:

  • Provide a more appropriate legal framework for security and welfare services in which the collaboration of local communities with the law enforcement agents are promoted,
  • Provide more police stations in communities for people to access and more people recruited into the law enforcement sector,
  • Reduce marriage problems and domestic violence by encouraging the community to be more involved in preparing people for family life and in addressing domestic violence.
  • Police force to change policing strategies in their operation by encouraging community police mediation in conflict resolution.

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