Key features on the 2022 National General Election Observation

The Papua New Guinea National Research Institute held a seminar on the observations of the 2022 national general election, on Wednesday 14th September.

The observation presentation was presented by Research Fellow Jeremy Goro, under the PNG NRI Elections Research and Observation Project. The presentation highlighted;

  • Observation on campaign strategies,
  • Observation on polling,
  • Observation on counting, and
  • Key recommendations.

Mr. Wilson Thompson, PNG NRI Chairman thanked the Papua New Guinea government and the Australian government for their continuous support in election observation activities during the National Election. The PNG NRI chairman stated that there were problems in the National Elections and in order to correct those problems, we have to start now and not in 2026.

PNG NRI chairman further invited other government stakeholders and organisations such as Transparency International, Integrity of Political Party and Candidates Commission, Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council, Commonwealth Secretariat, European Union, Australian National University, United Nations, and others to bring their election observation reports together for PNG NRI to put into a monograph for publication.

Dr. Osborne Sanida, PNG NRI Director said the National Elections was important an event for the nation as it provides the opportunity for the people to decide on who will represent them in the political arena. He added those that who represent the people are supposed to make good decisions that will improve the welfare of not only those that voted but the whole electorate as well as broader contribution to the development of a nation-state.

The election-related issues are real, and we all need to work together to address the problems. The government and its institutions, the political parties, civil society, and citizens, all need to review what has happened not only in the 2022 NGE but also in past elections and work together to address the issues before the 2027 National General Election and future elections.

The Fact Sheets on the Election Observation and Media Release can be accessed on the PNG NRI website

Authorised for release by:
Dr. Osborne Sanida
PNG NRI Director

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