The Papua New Guinea National Research Institute, through its Autonomy and Decentralisation Research Project (ADRP) launches four papers today (30 November 2022).
The papers launched were two research reports, an Issues Paper, and a Commentary;

  • Research Report No.10 - Decentralised governance arrangements in Papua New Guinea: a framework for a national conversation,
  • Research Report No.11 - Fiscal and Decentralisation in Papua New Guinea,
  • Issues Paper No.42 – Entrenchment, autonomy and effective integration: Pillars for PNG decentralisation, and
  • Commentary  – Historical perspective of decentralisation of government in PNG.

ADRP team leader Dr Thomas Webster said: “the focus of the papers was around where have we come from, what are the challenges and how do we find a way forward”.

PNG NRI Director Dr Osborne Sanida said it’s about the improvement in the welfare of our people. He said this particular project was important to refocus government policies on improving basic services and especially those leading to improving the welfare of the people. Dr Sanida called on the government to be serious about any strategies for an effective and decentralised system of government so that “we can more effectively to serve the people of this country”.

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