The public and private sectors must collaborate to provide affordable houses in PNG

Partnerships across the vast spectrum of stakeholders involved in the housing sector are needed to address the housing crisis in Papua New Guinea (PNG). This is revealed in the National Research Institute (NRI) Spotlight Volume 16, Issue 6 titled “Public and Private sectors collaboration is needed to promote affordable housing in Papua New Guinea” by Dr. Lindsay Kutan, Senior Research Fellow at PNG NRI.

Dr Kutan highlights issues associated with affordable housing in PNG’s housing market. This includes unpacking the concept of affordability to embrace not only the economic aspect but also its implications on the social welfare of households. It also highlights the challenges that affect housing affordability and some lessons that can be drawn from other countries on housing programs initiated through the collaboration between the public sector and the private sector.

Dr. Kutan said that “the study reported in the Spotlight article was motivated by the aspiration that all citizens of PNG deserve to own a house or rent a decent house in the formal housing market”. However, high house prices and rentals, and the increase in informal squatter settlements, particularly in Lae and Port Moresby, continue to interfere with proper and orderly housing developments.

Dr. Kutan concluded that “the collaboration between the public sector and private sector is needed to address the high costs of houses and make it more affordable for all in PNG”

Authorised for release by:

Dr. Osborne O. Sanida
Director, PNG NRI

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