PNGNRI and DataCo to collaborate in cybersecurity research

Dr Immanuel Jigo Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNGNRI) is looking at collaborating with DataCo in cybersecurity research and awareness.

PNG NRI has started National Security and International Relations Research Program last year, headed by Dr Olubenga Ige, to do research into cybersecurity as this is a looming issue.

In a meeting with DataCo Information and Communication Technology (ICT) General Manager (Cloud and Data Centre) David Mba and Dr Immanuel Jigo – a PNG born cybersecurity expert from the US who is also a consultant to DataCo; the two institutions are looking at signing a Memorandum of Understanding for this collaboration.

Dr Jigo has been working in the areas of security research in terms of analyzing malware, ransomware, studying how malicious actors get into different systems as well as other IT-related work.

“The human aspect in cybersecurity is very important because even if you have the strongest cybersecurity infrastructure in place, that won’t matter if a human being makes an error, clicks on the wrong link, or inputs details on the wrong login page, that’s the most important thing,” Dr Jigo said.

He said educating the people of PNG and teaching them basics and how to identify different security threats is very important in order to increase cyber hygiene and deliver cybersecurity protection in the country.

“There’s a lot of disconnect between what the government is doing and what the private organisations are doing. There is a need to some essential frameworks in place that can manage everything”

He said right now, PNG would be an easy target and collaboration between Government, private sector and individuals is needed to create and improve awareness about cybersecurity within the country.

Dr Jigo said creating some sort of potential curriculums within the country that can help the youth of this country develop their skills could also be another collaboration.

PNGNRI Deputy Director for Research, Professor Eugene Ezebilo said the institute has not done much when it comes to cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is important in terms of attracting investors into the country, especially in promoting the ease of doing business. He thanked Dr Jigo and Mr Mba and welcomed them to work together with PNGNRI especially in the area of cybersecurity.

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Dr. Osborne Sanida
PNG NRI Director

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