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Pushing research and policy for inclusive growth

Researchers, practitioners, and policy makers met at the 2018 APEC Study Centres Consortium Conference (ASCCC) held between 14—15 May 2018 at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Port Moresby. The Conference is the first of its kind in Papua New Guinea (PNG), given that this year marks PNG’s first time to host APEC.

The 2018 ASCCC was hosted by The PNG APEC Study Centre (PNG ASC) located at PNG’s leading public-policy think-tank, The Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI), in collaboration with the PNG APEC Secretariat and the PNG APEC Co-ordination Authority.

The two-day conference generated exciting new ideas and debated current evidence-based research and analysis supporting the policy agenda for APEC 2018 in Papua New Guinea, which will culminate with the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in November 2018.

Overall, the conference theme explored how each member economy has its own story to tell on economic integration, structural reform, digitalisation, and connectivity.

Reflecting at the end of the conference, one of the session moderators, Dr. Charles Yala, told the packed audience that: ‘In the end, it is about helping humanity to harness new technology for development whilst also building human connections and working within important social, economic and political environments’.

The conference shared 25 presentations on different topics which highlighted both the international and domestic priorities of the region. Specifically, the conference explored how member economies can promote competitive trade advantages and how new technologies can help developing nations like PNG accelerate inclusive socio-economic growth and connectivity within the region.

The conference closed with a reminder to participants of the importance of research. PNG NRI Director Dr. Osborne Sanida emphasised that: ‘We must continue to push the limits of research to achieve evidence-based policy outcomes and never forget our commitment that research and policy must benefit our people’.

The conference was the first significant milestone for The PNG ASC which has been established as a long-term resource for PNG located at the PNG NRI. The Centre will continue to support the development of regional partnerships and facilitate evidence-based research and public policy dialogue, as part of PNG’s ongoing commitment to APEC.

Dr. Sanida added, ‘The PNG ASC is now open for business and looks forward to continuing its work with all key stakeholders on these important APEC issues’.



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