Climate change threats in PNG must be addressed in a holistic manner

Climate change poses a global security threat to humanity as its existence has the potential to transform the the global environment landscape. There is frequent news on various natural hazards around the world such as earthquakes, rise in sea levels, famine, floods, and long spells of drought. To address climate change threats in Papua New Guinea (PNG), there should be a collective effort from individuals, the government, and organisations taking the lead in climate change.

The National Research Institute Spotlight volume 16, Issue 16 entitled: “Climate change-related threats to livelihoods in Papua New Guinea: Possible interventions to address it” by Samuel Awayang, Research Officer, reinforces the awareness of climate change and its impact on human survival. As a member of various international and regional climate change treaties, PNG must continue to raise awareness of global security threats with local interventions.

Some climate change-related threats to PNG include the following:

  • Human security concerns,
  • Rise of sea level, and
  • Prolonged droughts in segments of PNG.

Interventions to address Climate change include the following:

  • Building community resilience through awareness,
  • Building climate-proof infrastructure, and
  • The government needs to embrace and support climate change plans.

Local interventions in the form of more climate change-related awareness, and the support of the government are needed to build more resilient communities to address and withstand the impacts of climate change in PNG.

Authorised for release by:

Dr. Osborne O. Sanida
Director, PNG NRI

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