The National Compulsory Service Program can assist youths

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is currently experiencing a sudden increase in population, commonly referred to as the 'youth bulge', which is observed in many provinces. This bulge is a result of PNG's success in reducing infant mortality rates, along with a high fertility rate among women.

To effectively tackle this youth bulge in PNG, it is recommended to establish the PNG National Youth Service Corps (PNG-NYSC).

In the National Research Institute's Spotlight, Volume 17, Issue 1, titled "Addressing the youth bulge in Papua New Guinea through a National Compulsory Service Program," Dr. Olugbenga Ige provides insight into how other countries have implemented national youth services, which can be applied to PNG.

Through capacity-building workshops, the employees of PNG-NYSC will be trained to produce and educate youth corps who will contribute to the development of all sectors of PNG's economy.

This paper aims to assist researchers and the government in creating a sustainable National Youth Service Scheme for PNG. The model presented in this paper is specifically tailored to address the large number of university educated youth in the country.

The Publication and Media Release can be accessed on the PNG NRI website


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Dr. Osborne O. Sanida
Director, PNG NRI

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