Dr Lavu

Dr. Esther Lavu is the Deputy Director – Corporate Services & Knowledge Management and also Research Program Leader for Development Indicators. She has a PhD (Flinders University - Australia) and a Master of Arts Degree majoring in Population Studies (Australian National University). Dr Lavu has wealth of experience working with different government agencies and with PNG NRI.

In 2016-2017 Dr Lavu managed the National Identity Project for the government which adds managerial experience in managing funds, infrastructure development, software and hardware systems, human resources and collaborating with private and public partners.

Dr Lavu is interested in expanding government initiatives using credible processes to achieve substantial results to support good governance, building on institutional capacity and incorporating whole of government approach and public and private sector partnerships. Additional but not limited to is creating information through various research pathways and using technology to share the value of research information to intensify needed government services for citizens and contributing to knowledge building.


Recent Publications