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This program will focus on the role of politics and governance in development. In particular, the project will look into areas such as elections, public service delivery and development indicators as a matter of governance. Governance is about how power and authority will be used. There must be effective governance that can lead to effective service delivery and sustainable economic development. In PNG discussions about service delivery are often intertwined with discussions about degrees of autonomy, and about devolution of powers and functions to different levels of government: National, provincial and local level government. The Question then is how the three levels of government can work together to improve service
delivery and sustainable economic development.

The program will address the politics and governance-related areas in the Vision 2050, PNG DSP 2010-2020 MTDP, Marrape –Rosso government priorities and relevant sector policies.

To improve the living standards of Papua New Guineans by promoting...


It is envisaged that the Program will monitor service delivery, and reflect...


For the next five years, the research for the Governance Program will focus...


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