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The program will look at areas relating to culture and society such as traditional culture, gender, and informal economy that affects both social and economic development. Understanding culture and social norms and changes are vital for devising relevant development interventions. Addressing gender equity within Papua New Guinea is vital to provide equal opportunity for both men and women, but in particular for women in PNG. Issues such as (i) Women in Leadership; (ii) Women in the Economy; (iii) Gender-based Violence are topical matters that need to be addressed. It is estimated that the informal economy supports more than 80 percent of the PNG population, whose livelihoods and incomes are dependent on semi-substance and informal economic enterprises. Therefore, a bulk of PNG society depends on the informal economy. It is envisaged that research into the informal economy will provide informed evidence for government, development agencies and other stakeholders to ensure that opportunities are created and provided for the vast majority of Papua New Guineans to engage in sustainable economic enterprises that enhance incomes and improve personal wellbeing.

To promote the growth of the informal economy sector through research...


It is envisaged that output from this Program will provide informed evidence...


Research conducted under this program will be in six thematic areas...


Informal Economy Program Team