Chairman's Seminar Series


The PNG National Research Institute will be delivering several seminars under the “PNGNRI Council Chairman’s Seminar Series”.

The Institute derives its aspirations from the National Research Institute Act 1993 which empowers the Institute to:

  1. promote research into Papua New Guinea's society and economy; and
  2. undertake high-quality, theoretical, and applied research into social, political, and economic problems of PNG, with particular emphasis on formulating practical solutions to these problems based on contemporary social and economic theories. Further, the Institute is mandated to publish and distribute its research findings. On 11 June 2021, the Institute launched the PNGNRI Strategic Plan, 2021-2030. Under the 10-year Strategic Plan, the PNGNRI aspires:

“To be the leading research authority in Papua New Guinea and to be recognised among the leading public policy think tanks in the Asia Pacific Region”.

The PNGNRI shall endeavor:

“To provide quality research in economics, politics, education, environment, social issues, and culture which contributes to evidence-based public policies and decision-making processes that improve service delivery, leading to a better quality of life for all Papua New Guineans”.

During the 10-year strategic plan, the PNGNRI’s research will be broadened to include areas such as environment, anthropology, culture, music, and films. The Institute will have a face-to-face dialogue with all Government ministries and agencies. It is only through collaboration with key stakeholders that we can utilise research information to shape better policy outcomes and informed decision-making.

The Purpose of the Chairman’s Seminar Series

The PNGNRI Council believes that by forging strong collaborations we can build a strong, vibrant, and resilient nation. The PNGNRI is mandated to perform its role as the leading research authority in the social sciences, however, it does not exist in a vacuum. The Government established the PNGNRI to conduct research and to use the research information to solve the nation’s development challenges, issues, and problems. The research findings must be published and disseminated to as many people as possible so that when the recommendations are implemented, problems are solved, and positive developments begin to emerge. We must dismantle the silos and the differences that exist between the State Actors and Non-State Actors because of the different roles we perform. It is time that we work as partners to better serve our people.

The Chairman’s Seminar Series is about bringing together different voices and shared experiences. Among us there are academia, researchers, and research analysts; there are policy practitioners and implementers and there are decision-makers and implementers. The PNGNRI is urging all leaders of the respective government ministries and agencies, heads of government departments, heads of research organisations, researchers and policy analysts, and the universities to join the Institute, as we embark on a promising year of greater collaboration and networking.

The Seminar Series will discuss important and pressing topical issues that the nation is facing. Each month we will feature new seminar topics by relevant keynote speakers and feedback from relevant stakeholders. The road to development is long and often arduous. It will take everyone to work together for PNG’s common good.