In October 2013, the Government of Papua New Guinea took the initiative to commence the tax review process via the formation of a Tax Review Committee, chaired by Sir Nagora Bogan. Through the committee, the government intends to put in place appropriate reforms in order to realign the tax system to support the country’s present, medium-term and long-term economic and social development objectives. In February 2014, the Taxation Review Committee released framing questions and issued a call for both papers and submissions to collate ideas about the future taxation system in Papua New Guinea. In response to that call, the National Research Institute, as a public policy ‘think tank’, commissioned a team of experts to research and analyse various areas of taxation and related topics under the common theme of ‘Analysis of taxation policies and reforms a ecting individuals and businesses in Papua New Guinea’. The commissioned papers formed the basis of the presentations at the symposium that took place in Port Moresby from 29 to 30 May 2014.

Francis Odhuno (editor)