Work with NRI



Are you passionate about addressing the challenges in Papua New Guinea? Do you enjoy solving problems?  Do you feel you can contribute to PNG’s development? If you answered yes to these questions, you might thrive at the National Research Institute – PNG’s leading public policy think tank.

NRI is building a culture centred on passionate people who work with dedication and energy.  Our people are committed to high standards and the core values of our ‘i’ mantra – inquiring, informing, and influencing with independence and integrity. Together, these values form the ‘NRI way’.

NRI people, across all levels of the organisation, are leaders.  We seek people who continually strive to lead themselves, lead their teams, and lead the community.  We seek people from a diverse range of backgrounds who are driven to make change happen.

Researchers and Senior Researchers

High quality public policy research is at the heart of NRI.  Our Researchers are experts in their fields, and are committed to addressing PNG’s most challenging development problems.

Project Officers join NRI with an excellent undergraduate degree and some experience supporting research activities.  Research Fellows have a strong masters degree, while Senior Research Fellows have a PhD in one of our focus areas. Associate Professorial Research Fellows join NRI with distinguished records and substantial experience in their field of expertise.

Research Cadetships

The NRI Research Cadetship program is designed to attract and mentor young graduates with first and honors degrees to become public policy researchers.  The cadetship provides the young graduates with an exceptional opportunity to be trained and mentored by the highly experienced and qualified researchers at PNG’s leading think-thank.

Cadets are engaged by NRI for 12 months. After that time, those with a continued interest and excellent performance are offered the opportunity to continue with Institute as Project Officers.

Communications Specialists

A critical part of the work of NRI is informing the public, bureaucrats, policy-makers and politicians about the results of our work.  This is the work of our publications and communications specialists.

Our team comprises public relations and media specialists, graphic designers, qualified editors and social media experts.  If researchers are the engine of NRI, then our publications and communications specialists are its voice.

Professional Support Staff

Our internal services professionals work in roles such as human resources, information technology, finance and administration to ensure the Institute grows to become one of the leading think tanks in the Asia-Pacific region.

Research Fellows & Associates

NRI Visiting Fellowships provide a mechanism for distinguished local and international academics and practitioners to spend time with NRI to enhance the intellectual leadership of the Institute, and its capacity to contribute to PNG’s development priorities.

NRI Research Associates are highly qualified researchers or practitioners who are affiliated with NRI, while remaining based at their home institution or in their current employment. Research Associates contribute to research on areas directly relevant to one of the NRI research programs.

Fellowship and Associate guidelines can be downloaded here.

Freelance editors

Each year, NRI produces a range of high quality publications such as issues papers, discussion papers, research reports, and spotlights.

The Institute seeks to include qualified editors on our Register of Freelance Editors. Those on the Register may be contacted to copy edit our manuscripts. Editors must possess outstanding editing skills, and attention to detail.

If you are interested in being included on our Register of Freelance Editors, please contact our Publications Unit: